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The natural and cultural landscape extends over only 25 km as the crow flies from the ice giants of the Bernina chain, to the glacier mills in Cavaglia, to the chestnut trees in Brusio, down to the vineyards of the Veltlin. A multitude of lakes, side valleys and pretty villages with interesting cultural monuments, churches and palaces are woven into it. Weilern and Maiensässen complete the diversity of settlements. Here the Swiss and Italian mentalities and eating cultures meet harmoniously.


The capital is the small town of Poschiavo, whose stately patrician houses frame an Italian-style piazza. An architectural highlight is the "Spaniolenviertel" with its colourful houses. 

In the agricultural valley, a variety of regional specialities are served on the tables of the restaurants.


The flora and fauna is rich in species, from alpine to sub-Mediterranean. From larch and Swiss stone pine to chestnut and vine, from eagle and ibex to deer and roe deer. 

The Puschlaver valley is inhabited by villages, small hamlets and Maiensässen, the river Poschiavino flows through the valley and flows into the Puschlaver lake. There are also many beautiful mountain lakes, from Lago Bianco to Lago dei Saoseo, with incomparable views.


The Bernina Railway winds its way along the flanks of the valley, through many tunnels and bridges, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The convertible cars of the Bernina Railway are also an unforgettable experience.

From luxury shopping to mountain bike races


The Puschlavertal and the surrounding villages, such as the Engadin or Livigno, are known for their respective extremes. From luxury shopping to pure adrenalin, in Valposchiavo you can find everything your heart desires.

Enjoy what your palate desires 


The restaurants from the Puschlavertal are all very traditional and yet modern. The hosts concentrate on local specialities such as Pizzocheri, Sciat or Tagliata. The chefs usually use freshest ingredients directly from the region, which makes the whole thing even more authentic.

All tips and tricks to make ends meet in the Puschlavertal.